Home Staging

Home Staging is the artform of expertly placing furniture and accessories throughout a property in order to make it look like a model home. This process helps real estate buyers visualize the potential in a home. If a property is vacant or has poorly placed furniture, a buyer views the property as being cold, uninviting, and the buyer will be distracted. Did you know that only 10% or less of buyers can actually visualize the potential of a home when they walk through? Our job as a home staging expert is to do the visualizing for the buyer.

Our Process

Our process is simple yet very effective! We assess the home as a whole just the way a buyer would, then we determine how the home would show the best when buyers walk through. By using a buyers’ mentality when consulting with our clients, we are able to give them unbiased feedback on what to change and how to achieve those changes. We use proven home staging techniques that appeal to home buyers, connect with their emotions, and get them visualizing living in the home. This process will increase the interest in your property, generate more offers and will help you sell your property quickly and for the maximum return on your investment.

Why Staging the Nest

With over 10 years in creative design work; extensive training & experience in home staging; maintaining over 250 Continuing Education Credits per year; and our construction & real estate knowledge, Staging the Nest is the perfect fit for your home staging needs. We are flexible, easy to work with, and have lots of options to fit your needs! Whether your home is Occupied or Vacant, we are here to help. Click here to see what others have to say about working with us!

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