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Hey there happy nesters! I am not sure about you, but I am truly enjoying this cooler weather here in The Woodlands! I sure hope it continues!

I want to talk today about our Realtor Relationships. For us, this means developing long lasting, effective relationships with Houston and The Woodlands areas Realtors who you as the homeowner will most likely work with, when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Our relationship with local Houston area Realtors, Brokers, Investors and Flippers is essential to our business and working with homeowners in more than one way.

stagingquoteFirst off, partnering with local agents and brokers as their home staging professional, gives them the competitive edge over other agents who simply don’t work with home stagers. Home Staging is the equivalent to product merchandizing, and when you are selling your home, you are competing with other homes on the market. Yo
u MUST set your home apart in order to attract buyers. This means properly decluttering, organizing, staging, photographing, and listing your home for sale in Multiple Listing Service {MLS}.

There are agents out there who believe that home staging does not work or is “fluff” for the industry. But the results truly speak for themselves. When a home has beedesignquote12n on the
market for months having NOT been staged, and does not sell, the homeowner usually gets frustrated and doesn’t know why. But when that same home is the
n staged and re-listed for sale, it generally will sell very quickly – sometimes within a week or two. However, I truly believe that it is incredibly important to stage a home prior to EVER listing it for sale. When you stage your home first, you will capture the market from day one. If you list and then stage, you will have lost a significant number of buyers online and/or at an open house.

The cost to stage your home is LESS than your first price reduction!

Secondly, agents who partner with a home staging professional will usually offer the home staging service as a part of their real estate listing service. What does this mean for you, the homeowner? This means you get a FREE home staging consultation! Your agent pays for this service for you. During this consultation, you get a professional home stager to walk through your home and give you priceless advice on how to make changes in your home in order to sell your home for top dollar! This advice you receive is unbiased and will give you insight to how a buyer sees your home.

Third, the relationship division is very important. When you work with your realtor who is also a “certified” home stager, you now have the same person providing you with Houston area neighborhood comps, as well as home staging tips. But you as the homeowner should want a true professional for each of those services. A Realtor will know about home staging, as many of them can take a 3-hour training course on home staging, but a professional home stager is certified through top accredited staging courses with hundreds of hours of training, online, in-person, hands-on and more. My point to noting this difference is that anyone with an eye for decorating a house can give you recommendations, but a true home staging professional will know all of things you will need to do to prepare your home inside and out, prior to and during the sale of your home. And the best part is that you get two professionals who are each experts in what they do, work together helping in the sale of YOUR home instead of one person doing all of this for you. A real estate marketing team will help you stay ahead of your competition and will make sure you do everything possible to go from “For Sale” to “SOLD!”

If you would like to schedule a home staging consultation, give me a call! I would love work with you and your realtor! Together, we will make the real estate marketing dream team for you! Check out our Home Staging options for more information about Occupied Home Staging and Vacant Home Staging. | 832-427-2463 |

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