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So we all know that when you are looking to purchase a home, the first place almost every human being searches is online. Am I right, or am I right?!? So now that we all agree that I am right, let’s talk about Real Estate Home Staging and Photography. 🙂

Your online listing, which is published through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) if you are working with a Realtor, allows each listing to showcase up to 32 images. Your listing then goes on http://www.HAR.com, http://www.Zillow.com, http://www.Redfin.com, and more in order to drive buyers to the available homes for sale in the area. In this case, the Houston and surrounding areas. Those 32 images are the first thing that buyers see when they click on a home that they are interested in. So, the goal is to have amazing photos in order to entice buyers to take their interest in your home further than the first photo. You want those buyers to schedule a tour right? So let’s make sure that your photos look Fabulous.

Step 1: Hire a Home Stager – Seriously you should call me, like NOW! 😉 832-427-2463

A professional, certified home stager (like me) will provide you with the tips and advice you need to make your home looking amazing while it is listed for sale. I will tell what to remove, pack, how to place items, why to place specific items, and really give you an “education” on how to appeal to buyers. My job is to give you unbiased advice in order to help you sell your home and get the best return on your investment. The Houston area market is highly competitive so it is considered a must to stage your home.


Photos are one of THE most important parts of selling a home! If the photos look terrible, buyers are going to run the other way, especially if you are close to the top of the price point. In order to have great photos, do not and I repeat do not use iPhone photos for your listing. They distort color, lighting, size and scale of the inside of a home (in most cases). Even if you are selling your home yourself, spending the money on a professional Real Estate Photographer is essential and you will see the return on this investment! A professional Real Estate Photographer will pay close attention to detail, have the correct lighting in order to make your staged home look amazing, and you will set your listing apart from all the other generic listings! If you want to sell quickly and for top dollar, it truly requires an investment in the process to get it sold!

Step 3: Keep your home looking GREAT!

I know, I know… It is a serious pain to keep your house spotless while you live in it, especially if you have kids. I, too, have a 4 year old who LOVES to make giant messes on the regular so I completely get it. But in the end you will be happy that you put in the extra effort to keep your home gleaming and organized! Buyers will appreciate it and it will prevent any additional negotiations on price (buyers think a dirty or messy house is an unmaintained house).

So if you are thinking about selling your home, you should definitely give me a call! I can help you with the Home Staging Process!   832-427-2463  |  Ashley@StagingTheNest.com


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